Proudly Wear Your Ninja Suit Playing Online Ninja Games

Projecting a certain aura of mystery, being the ultimate martial arts experts, coming from the quite fascinating land and time period of feudal Japan, they’ve always been placed on a higher position in the superheroes’ hierarchy, being more popular than the standard European knights or the American outlaw cowboys. No wonder that they have so easily entered and adapted to the virtual world of online games, too! Anyone can, nowadays, put on his cool black full suit and engage in ninja combats, sharpen his ninjutsu fighting techniques, learn to handle different types of ninja-specific weapons and walk into the shoes of a ninja mercenary right from the comfort of his room or office, without turning back the hands of time or booking a flight ticket to Japan, with no deadly dangers to face and an extreme real-life martial arts training to take first, simply by playing ninja games online. In this respect, allow me to point out for you some of the most popular types of them!


They’re by far some the most widespread ones, for this is precisely the main source of fascination for any ninja games-addicts out there: trying to defeat different types of well-trained enemies while showing off their amazing martial arts fighting techniques! Usually they’re side-view types of games แทงบอล where you need to use your arrow keys (in some cases your space bar, too) for jumping, blocking, delivering your deadly kicks or using your ninja sword. Great reaction times are a must, as well as a great balance between your defense and offense tactics. The goals for such brutal confrontations range from saving a helpless maiden, to that of rescuing a close friend or killing a dragon terrorizing your home folks.


For those of you who don’t get 100% challenged by mere ninja fighting scenes, the ones which challenge your strategy skills and therefore your brain rather than just your reaction times and knowledge of martial arts will make an awesome dare for you. The most representative game, in this case, is definitely the Golden Ninja. It’s similar to a super challenging tower defense game featuring two enemy ninja clans fighting for sovereignty over the same kingdom. You’ll get to work your brain muscle to come up with the perfect plan, the ultimate strategy for disposing your army along the battlefield, for grouping your units and taking over your ninja enemies’ buildings.